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University Selection

Admission to an international institution is one of the cumbersome and exhaustive processes one undergoes to attain an international degree at reputed institutions / universities apart from questing for an international career. We have understood this better than anybody else and started to focus education abroad services through which one can find the entire process simple and worthwhile.

Admission Process

Serving for students for nearly a decade, Dream Overseas masters in various application process and formalities with respect to different courses, countries and their educational system. Dream Overseas provides clear view of documents checklist and also assists them in their application documents preparation.

Visa Assistance

Dream Overseas helps in efficiently processing the visa applications through complex procedures and formalities. Our Admission team with good experience in visa and immigration process guides the students in all their steps towards visa process. A close monitoring of their application throughout the entire process of immigration is done by the team. Being Immigration Experts, Dream Overseas constantly keep informed with the latest changes, thus constantly improving the management of applications.


Dream Overseas hosts pre departure briefings help you prepare for departure and arrival. At the briefing, you will receive valuable information about living in the respective countries. , life as a student at your institution, tips on adapting to the culture, and dealing with homesickness. You will also have the opportunity to network with other students, including alumni, current students and future classmates. Our services partners will advise you on ticketing, foreign exchange, travel insurance, opening an Bank account and international calling cards.

"A great career without a great education is only a dream. we are nothing but just helping you to realize your dream. smart success"

We came here as Students and are working for Students to help you achieve your dreams. We are glad to help you as we faced the same hurdles and difficulties like every student does. Our team will guide you through essential information to help you settle in your place of Study.